In the first 8 months, China bought 51.809 million tonnes of LNG from overseas, marking a a 23 per cent jump YoY.


For the first time ever, it overtook Japan to become the top super chilled gas importer. China imported 51.898 million tonnes of LNG while Japan did 51.378 million tonnes during the period of Jan-Aug.

Australia keeps the top supplier to China’s LNG demand by exporting 20.522 million tonnes, a 7% increase YoY. United States’ supply jumped from 1.16 million tonnes to 5.408 million tonnes, representing a 366% YoY growth. Qatar, Malaysia both increased their sales to China this year. Egypt exported 936 thousands tones to China which was remarkable. Oman almost doubled its sale getting to 1.306 million tonnes. Indonesia slightly declined by 8%.